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Societism Institute is a 501(c)3 charitable organization whose mission is to promote the well being of the group without neglecting the significance of the individual. Societism is not Individualism nor Socialism but more closely compared to conservative principles of limited government but with a social conscience.

The Institute accomplishes this mission by providing workshops to help citizens address their concerns, choose their battles wisely, find solutions and reclaim their voice. It also promotes this effort as a think tank by advancing these same common sense solutions.

Our country is in the midst of a very serious and dangerous crossroad – one that usually ends in the demise of a democracy. Individual freedoms are not free - and the responsibility to limit government and other self-interest groups from excess liberties has long been neglected.

By engaging citizens to stand up for what is right restores balance to “we the people”. The result being a prolonged harmonic society with maximum opportunity, liberty and happiness for it’s citizens.

Whether you are concerned about the impact of a growing government, needless hurdles affecting your life or other issues that need correction, please read some of our topics and share your thoughts in our forums.

Become a member today and support our cause. Together we will make the positive changes our society so desperately needs.

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The three branches of government, Legislative, Executive and Judiciary were created to serve as a check and balance to futher the separation of powers and to help accomplish limited government. James Madison, author of the US Constitution, rationalized that the sacrifice in government efficiency was worth it to prevent tyranny by a government in the same hands. Lawyers, particularly through their legal affiliations, are posing an alarming concern as they increasingly control all branches of our government.

According to recent estimates, nearly 50% of our government branches are run by lawyers. Of Course our Judicial branch is run by lawyers, as it should be. However 38% of our Legislative branch, and now with President Obama and his first lady appointing a new Executive branch is quickly causing a rise in control that must be addressed. Voters should also be aware of the monopoly lawyers already abuse in private practice. Unchallenged hourly rates in the thousands of dollars and unauthorized practice of law statutes against private persons and paralegals are good examples. What do you think of this and how would you correct it?


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