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Single Threat to the Future of Our Country

By Philip Glass, National Director
National Precinct Alliance

May 16, 2010

While attending a Q & A session at the University of Denver, Dennis Prager was asked this question:

"If you had to identify a single threat to the future of our country, above all the others, what would it be?" (Link at bottom of article)

Most Americans believe their candidate could make a difference. The truth is, we Americans must make the difference. What do I mean by that?

There is only so much that any elected official can do in office. Every individual elected official has limited power to affect real change in our system of self-governance. This is a good thing, for those who believe in "limited government power." But it also means that the people MUST re-engage in "self-governance."

For years now, most citizens believed that their political power was limited to voting, writing a check to a campaign, signing a petition or attending a protest or rally. This is NOT where their political power is, however. Your real political power is vested in your local precincts. ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL - remember? We are a "bottom-up" system of "self-governance," yet the people have not been engaged in "self-governance" for 100 years. They have not been involved in self-governance at the local precinct level. This MUST change before your local, state or federal government can change, and once again begin to represent the "will of the people" as it is demonstrated in the local precincts.

YOUR power is in your local precinct chair and the state central committee chair, from which ALL power in all political parties is derived.

Most of these precinct chairs have remained vacant for years. The people have failed to "self-govern." Political elites have filled that power void and now govern the people without the consent of the people.

To regain control of your government, you must regain control of your local precincts and it is much easier than you think. It is not as easy as voting every two years, or cutting a check to a candidate, but it is not brain surgery either. In fact, in years past it was considered our civic duty. It must become our civic duty again but it must be organized.

We have all been remiss in our civic duty and it is imperative we rebuild from the grassroots with true constitution loving Americans.

The National Precinct Alliance (NPA) is a non-partisan, non-profit civics educational organization designed to inform all American citizens of their Constitutional civic rights and duties, in particular the inner workings of the local precincts.

NPA is designed to not only teach citizens about the local precinct and how it works, but to promote citizen involvement in our system of Constitutional self-governance. Further, NPAs educational products begin with teaching the precinct system, but reach far beyond to include the powers that exist in the precinct office and how to use them best to influence political party policies and platforms from the ground up.  Their website is http://www.nationalprecinctalliance.org/

Watch video of Dennis Prager's answers at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNUc8nuo7HI


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