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If Men Were Angels…
We Would Not Need

(Huntington Woods, MI)  James Madison, one of our founding fathers said,

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary.”

Our generation has become increasingly numb, choosing temporary pleasures over values; in government, business, media and family.  We can no longer afford to focus only on personal needs, ignoring the plight of others, each believing “my voice doesn’t matter” and that our leaders will always do what’s right.  We must restore involvement as concerned individuals, and reclaim a responsible role in both our society and personal lives., which officially launched on July 4th, 2009 is a platform designed to empower individuals to become more involved in their country and the political process, elevating their voices above the corporate  influence of self interest groups. addresses this objective by integrating education, involvement and action.  The website includes useful resources; identifying what government is and does, learning about new legislation, live participation in forums and groups, and various ways to effectively take action on important issues.  Through this collaborative effort, progress toward individual and societal goals can improve dramatically.  Here are examples of what you will find:

•    Learn why the TEA Party may be an important cause
•    Participate in Health Care reform legislation
•    Stay abreast of world events including grassroot issues
•    Watch live videos of proposed legislation in time to take action
•    Discuss leading social and political issues in forums and blogs

Societism is non-partisan, however, it has an overriding concern for the good of the whole society, fostering synergy in combining efforts of diverse individuals.

Societists are those who clearly understand the importance of taking action and accept the responsibility to be educated and take action for the needs of society as a whole. Our nation needs us involved and together we are making the difference!

Steven Zimberg is the founder of and can be reached by



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